David Marler

Born in Montreal, David Marler attended Bishop’s University in Lennoxville, Quebec. He then entered the Faculty of Law at McGill University. “One Cabin” is his first published book.


His three years in the woods allowed him to transition from lawyer to writer.

#29. David returning from fishing, June, 2013 - Copy copy
David returning from fishing, June, 2013

He is now working on “Places in Time”, recounting the cultures of the various places in which he has lived over the seventy-six years of his life. Also in preparation is “Bumps and Bangs in the Saint Lawrence Seaway” which tells the tale of some of the maritime law cases in which he was involved during his fifty two years in the legal profession.

Previously he wrote “A Candidate’s Journey” describing his run for the Canadian parliament in 2006, a book which can be found online and has been referred to as a must read for any aspiring politician. Editors declined to publish the book for the reason that it was too hot to handle.